November 21, 2011

Give Me Three!

I am not suggesting that the American Optometric Association has settled on an official mascot for their 3D educational platform, but some of their latest PR products are certainly child-friendly. Picture a cute frog:

And that’s not all. I love their new stickers, which carry the themes “Give Me Three!” or “I See 3.” Note the three froggie fingers. And the cool glasses. You get it!  Kids will love these, and that same time it will promote awareness for the importance of both 3D and healthy vision.

If you want to get ahold of some of these stickers or posters and such, they can be ordered through the AOA online store.  Non-members need to register – the URL above goes directly to the registration page. Another option is to go to and hit the online store tab at the top, right side of the page. After registering, you will be quickly ushered to the ordering page, which looks like this:
Ordering Froggies
I ordered mine! A must-have collector’s item! In our next post, we’ll explain why this message is so important and much more than artful marketing…

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