May 16, 2011

International Effort

Along with our four BVSD schools, many other schools around the world are involved in an international 3D pilot study effort using DLP projector technology. These schools are exploring the learning potential and impact of 3D in the classroom. The map below shows the current location of these pilot projects. Currently, there are over 7 pilot projects underway in the U.S. and over 28 projects abroad (some are so recent, they are not shown on the map).

I wanted to bring this effort to the attention of our blog readers early on. Why? In our fledgling field of 3D in education, current research is still very sparse. Much more needs to be done. Some of the research is just now starting in the international locations mentioned above. Some is being launched by government education ministries and private foundations. Some is informal, some is quite formal. So keep on reading in the coming weeks, as we systematically share with you the past, present, and future of what we know about using 3D in teaching and learning. And please post your questions.  

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